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Custom Theme Cakes

If you are planning a special day for your loved ones, or would simply like a cake that celebrates your life, you should consider commissioning one of our custom celebration cakes. We'll work with you to prepare a bespoke cake in any shape and size and decorated to fit with your exact requirements to ensure an amazing - and delicious - centrepiece.
How do I get in touch with you?
You could chat with our support staff online or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Also, you could call or Whatsapp us on +91-9916124731
What themes do you guys work on?
We can work on events ranging from birthdays, baby showers, bachelor parties or even your favourite TV show. Basically, your imagination decides the limits.
How long in advance should I order these cakes
Typically, a lead time of 5-6 days is strongly advised, so that we can understand your requirements completely and deliver accordingly. However, each cake is different and the time required might be more or less. You should contact us with your requirements and we will revert  with a quotation.
How do I choose a design?
You can go through our catalog, and if you don't find a design of your choice, google your requirement and Whatsapp up an image of your requirement.We will revert with our quote. Alternatively, you can get creative and doodle a rough image of your imaginative cake, and we'll try our best to make those ideas a reality.
How much would a theme cake cost?
That depends on your requirements. Typically, prices start from Rs 900/kg, but that will vary according to the weight and the intricacy of the artwork required.
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